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About Star Healing

In 2010, Archangel Michael revealed to Kelly Hampton a very powerful new energetic healing system expanding on our planet using source energy from the Pleiades star galaxy. Under the instruction of Archangel Michael, he revealed this ground-breaking healing system. It includes 19 energetic techniques, 3 sacred symbols, sound vibration, gemstones and oils to transform bodies from our existence in the 3rd Dimension to an elevated level in the 5th Dimension – that of pure love vibration.

Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ healing is unlike traditional healing modalities currently used (like Reiki or The Reconnection healing) because it draws on the Celestial, Angelic and Pleiadian energy. It is not a silent form of healing. “Silent forms of healing are leaving the planet,” says Archangel Michael. It is a growing, globally safe and non-invasive powerful energy healing system uniquely channeled by Kelly Hampton. Kelly has the authority to utilize this energy on her own clients as well as teach these healing techniques to other energy practitioners seeking to upgrade their healing skills with Star Energy Certification.


About Kelly Hampton

Healing System Founder, Author and Teacher, Kelly Hampton explains that in simplest form she is a channel for Christ Consciousness.

“It is my Divine Plan to be a teacher and healer serving Source. Today, I work with many light beings including Angels, Ascended Masters, Pleaidian and Galactic energies. Because the spiritual energy I work with is Universal, I see myself more as a spiritual teacher because it is not related to any specific religion.” ~ Kelly Hampton

2012_book_cover_itunesDuring her awareness and experiences with this energy, Archangel Michael presented her with the information to be published into two books which paved the way for greater things to come.


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